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    27/10/2016 - HARPES M90 replacement clocks

    HEOL DESIGN offers now the time servers T116-V24 and T102-V24, in 1U rack (...)

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    26/04/2016 - Oyster thieves arrested thanks to GPS antitheft tracker

    This past March, triggering a sealed IP68-N105 tracer on an oyster farm in (...)

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    26/04/2016 - new GNSS chipset for N101 receiver

    We have updated performance of the popular N101 receiver, by using the (...)

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    04/12/2015 - Ruggedized Time server

    We have just released a new NTP / PTP / IRIG time server for harsh (...)

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N024: GPS receiver board for Tymserve 2100 and BC635 / BC637

Upgrade solution for Datum Symmetricom TS2100 bugs
Tymserve GPS board
In January 2015, all the Datum/Symmetricom TymServe 2100 servers around the world started failing in the time displayed, and there was 1 second offset.
At May 3rd 2015, another bug occured with the TS2100, then displaying an incorrect date : September 17, 1995.
Heol engineers have developed a specific firmware to replace the existing Trimble ACE III with the new N024 inside the TS2100, and found a fix for the date and time bugs.
As well as correcting these bugs, the N024 enables higher performance :
- cold start 39s
- hot start 2s
- sensitivity -160dBm, enabling start-up in urban canyons and inside buildings
- pps accuracy 100ns
- almanac/ephemeris stored in Flash memory
- lower power consumption
- T-RAIM algorithm for high integrity of timing signals
- In option, possibility to extend to Glonass, Beidou and Galileo GNSS constellations.

Many tests have been processed on this enhanced TS2100, for the current time, and also simulations for the future. These simulations showed that the 20 years offset bug will occur again since 31 October 2016 (displaying year 1997). Your Tymserve unit should be upgraded with the N024-TS board then.

Also, the N024 GPS board can upgrade and solve the bugs of BC635/BC637 and TTM635VME cards from Datum, as well as the Exac Time unit ( 9390-6000).

The N024-TS is available for sale with fast delivery, and we offer extended warranty on N024 firmware until the year 2028 (free upgrades until this year, if new bugs on the TS2100 can be solved with the N024-TS).

TS-2100 GPS receiver
TS2100 GPS receiver