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Trimble Lassen SK2 / iQ / sQ / LP/ ACE clone replacements boards

HEOL DESIGN is the first company to produce Trimble GPS receiver clone boards, which are based on the Copernicus II and RES-SMT-360 high performance GPS chipsets. These OEM board are designed for use in embedded and industrial applications requiring high accuracy positioning and timing information.
They can also be used as a replacement and upgrade for users of the Trimble
- Lassen iQ / SQ (PN 46240-00, 46240-05, 46240-10, 46240-20, 46240-25, 54854-00)
- Lassen LP (39263-10),
- Lassen SK2 (PN 37824-B, 38116-20, 38116-25) , and for Rapco / Spectracom 2804 NTP server
- ACE (ACE II, ACE III PN 39818-C , 41265-00, 36576-A)
they are now EOL (end of life), and suffer the rollover bug (WNRO), displaying a wrong date.
- Symmetricom MicroSemi S200 / S250 / S300 / S350 SyncServer (M12 core) , as well as the Symmetricom XLi receiver

Also, the N024, N016 and N021 ( ACE, iQ and Lassen SKII clones) integrate a processor, for matching with parity ODD, and additional software features (including future Rollovers management).
You can buy these boards directly by contacting us by E-mail or phone.

These boards are a fix plug-ang-play solutions for replacement of old GPS boards displaying wrong date.

Trimble GPS receiver remplacement