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    27/10/2016 - HARPES M90 replacement clocks

    HEOL DESIGN offers now the time servers T116-V24 and T102-V24, in 1U rack (...)

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    26/04/2016 - Oyster thieves arrested thanks to GPS antitheft tracker

    This past March, triggering a sealed IP68-N105 tracer on an oyster farm in (...)

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    26/04/2016 - new GNSS chipset for N101 receiver

    We have updated performance of the popular N101 receiver, by using the (...)

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    04/12/2015 - Ruggedized Time server

    We have just released a new NTP / PTP / IRIG time server for harsh (...)

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Heol Design - Bureau d’études électroniques à Lannion - Systèmes GPS

HEOL DESIGN offers high performance GPS GNSS based products, for Time synchronization and Navigation tracking.

T103 : Embedded Time server

Heol Design has improved again performance of its NTP/SNTP Time Servers, achieving less than 1 minute from power-up to provide accurate timing information.
And at power-up, if the T103 Time Server has already GPS Almanac and Ephemeris loaded in memory, then it is fully operational in about 20 seconds.
Then it becomes possible to power-up the T103 server only a few minutes per day, to synchronize the different elements of your system.
Also, if no GPS satellites are available at power-up (...)