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Observatories and Research centers

In an astronomy observatory, the telescop needs to be synchronized very accurately to UTC time, as the sky map moves with rotation of the Earth.
Heol Design servers can synchronize easily telescop state machine, through NTP or PTP/IEEE1588, with submicrosecond accuracy.Retour ligne automatique
Also, the cameras mounted on the telescop can be connected direclty to the T116 Time server event inputs. Then the T116 server will Timestamp in real time the cameras trigger outputs, with 100ns absolute accuracy (from UTC), and 10ns relative accuracy.
These Timestamps can be stored in T116 Flash memory, and play back by the operator when needed.

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Time servers & recorders in extreme environments

In underground research centers, the event inputs can also record any kind of external signal (for example photon detector in a collider or particle accelerator, or a nuclear fusion reactor). As these colliders or nuclear reactors are situated underground, GPS antennas are not accessible, so slave Time stations must be used : T102 for slave NTP, T202 for slave PTP, both with Event inputs features. NTP and PTP master units can be situated several kilometers from their slaves.