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N103 GPS/GSM tracker

The HEOL DESIGN N103 GPS/GPRS navigation module integrates the latest GPS technology, to enable you to follow vehicles in anyplace (urban canyons, tree foliages...).

The N103 has remote-configurable functions to manage vehicle or beacon tracking (position, speed, temperature, schocks and logic/analog input reported to the FTS server, through the GSM network).

It can drive external systems, through programmable outputs (logic or analog).

Using the Heol patended standby technology, the N103 features an ultra-low power embedded tracking and reporting system.
With the optional battery, you can get an autonomous beacon system (autonomy up to 8 years), for periodic data report or anti-theft system.

It is automotive qualified (ISO7637), with full protections on all its connectors.

N103 is firmware customizable upon request.

A fleet management tracking software FTS is now released, to offer you a turnkey complete solution.

Tracker GPS avec OBD