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T200 PTP Grandmaster Clock

The HEOL-T200 PTP IEEE-1588 Grandmaster Clock / NTP Time server with GPS Clock has been designed to provide accurate timing information trough an Ethernet link (using Precision Time Protocol), for Network synchronization and measurement applications, without the need to be connected to external Network, hence preserving your Network insulation.

Based on a high performance 14 channels GPS chipset with very high accuracy, and TRAIM algorithm, accuracy is guaranteed with only one GPS satellite tracked.
It enables also fast start-up times in very hard environmental conditions, as only one satellite is enough at power-up to generate a precise Time-stamp (static applications).
It can include a very high precision Rubidium oscillator, with a drift as low as 1µs/day when GPS signal is not available.

Precision Time Protocol (IEEE1588) has been implemented, for applications that need sub-microsecond synchronization (Grand Master Clock).
The PTP V2 implementation of the HEOL-T200 is fully compliant to the IEEE 1588-2008 standard (on step or two steps clock, in Unicast or Multicast mode) and provides PTP management messages for monitoring and configuration (also available on HTTP server).
With dedicated PTP switches and T202 PTP client stations, HEOL DESIGN offers a complete solution for accurate time measurements networks.

NTP server with GPS receiver clock