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    27/10/2016 - HARPES M90 replacement clocks

    HEOL DESIGN offers now the time servers T116-V24 and T102-V24, in 1U rack (...)

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    26/04/2016 - Oyster thieves arrested thanks to GPS antitheft tracker

    This past March, triggering a sealed IP68-N105 tracer on an oyster farm in (...)

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    26/04/2016 - new GNSS chipset for N101 receiver

    We have updated performance of the popular N101 receiver, by using the (...)

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    04/12/2015 - Ruggedized Time server

    We have just released a new NTP / PTP / IRIG time server for harsh (...)

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Embedded: avionics, sea, submarine, automotive, railway

Our compact ruggedized and board from factor GPS/GLONASS Navigation and Timing sources can be easily embedded in aircrafts, drones, submarines, vehicles or trains. They have wide input voltage range, and protected input/output interfaces, with low power consumption (enabling battery power supplies).
PVT information can be dispatched through:
- Ethernet (NTP, SNMP),
- RS232, RS422, RS485,
- customized isolated interface.
- GPRS modem (in real time or play-back)

With the most recent GPS/GLONASS receivers, position accuracy can reach 1.3 meters, and timing accuracy will be 15ns to UTC.

Specifically for submarine applications, a battery operated high stability clock can be mounted, to ensure timing information even if no GPS signals are available.

We provide also small GPS antennas solutions, for temporary or permanent mounting.

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