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N101 GPS/Multi-GNSS receiver, RS232/RS422 10Hz output

The N101 (and N102) have been designed to provide accurate and reliable navigation information trough a RS232 or RS422 link, with advanced features to interface with your system without the need to develop your own functions.
Based on a high performance GPS or GPS+GLONASS/GALILEO/BEIDOU/QZSS chipset, it delivers accurate Position / Velocity / Time information, even in poor signal level environments (tree foliage, urban canyons).

- Very-high sensitivity of -165dBm enabling high performance in low level signals environments.
- Update rate up to 10Hz on NMEA output
- Highly accurate pps (pulse per second) signal (±30ns) available on SUB-D9 front panel. RS232 or TTL level.
- Active antenna is voltage selectable : 3.3V or 5V (patented).
- Fully programmable standby mode with less than 0.1µA power consumption (patented).
- Data logging : PVT information logged to Flash memory : up to 15 000 waypoints.
- Temperature / shocks sensors.
- Event input and logic output for your specific applications.
- Customizable firmware to fit your requirements (alarms, etc...).

Récepteur GPS RS232 RS422 RS485