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Containers automatic level measurement and report

Automatic level measurement for containers
The N112-US module, designed in 2016 by Heol Design, allows a daily report of the level of a container of waste, liquids, or used clothing.
Waste collection is then optimized.

The built-in ultrasonic sensor measures the filling level of the container accurately, and transmits this value via E-mail, SMS or on a data server (in UDP).
The measurement interval is programmable from 2 minutes to 24 hours.
A motion detection (moving the container) or a door opening also triggers the awakening of the module and the sending of an alarm.

The transmitted data are as follows:
- measurement of the filling level of the container from 0 to 100%
- accurate GPS position within 3 meters
- time and date
- ambient temperature
- container door opening alarm
- motion detection alarm
- battery level
The built-in Lithium battery allows a range of 6 months to 1 year (depending on the period of awakening and the ambient temperature). It is easily interchangeable, since it is fixed by a strong magnet on the container wall.
The module itself can be fixed by screws or a permanent magnet.

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