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    27/10/2016 - HARPES M90 replacement clocks

    HEOL DESIGN offers now the time servers T116-V24 and T102-V24, in 1U rack (...)

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    26/04/2016 - Oyster thieves arrested thanks to GPS antitheft tracker

    This past March, triggering a sealed IP68-N105 tracer on an oyster farm in (...)

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    26/04/2016 - new GNSS chipset for N101 receiver

    We have updated performance of the popular N101 receiver, by using the (...)

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    04/12/2015 - Ruggedized Time server

    We have just released a new NTP / PTP / IRIG time server for harsh (...)

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Industrial & network applications

Many industries require high reliability for the synchronization of their networks and manufacturing equipment.
Heol Design offer wide range of GPS based Timing systems, with several interfaces:
- NTP / SNTP for LAN synchronisation (millisecond accuracy)
- PTP/IEEE1588 for all applications requiring submicrosecond accuracy
- IRIG (DC-shift and amplitude modulated) with long distance capability (up to 5km through optic fiber)
- Programmable pps outputs (1pps, 10pps, 100pps, etc) for synchronization of industrial equipments
- Timestamped trigger event inputs (with galvanic isolation) for measurements in any calibration or manufacturing system

We can also provide GPS / GLONASS antennas and low-loss cables, with mounting kits and lightning arrestors.

Also, Heol Design has developped the Time Service Software, to synchronize and monitor all the Windows machines of your LAN. It can be downloaded free of charge (please contact us for this feature).

Finally, we also propose Analog and Digital NTP wall clocks, double-sided display, with long distance viewing, which can be easily mounted in large business premises. Power over Ethernet (PoE) enables easy integration of both our wall Clocks and Time servers.

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Synchronize your network through Ethernet or optic fiber