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    27/10/2016 - HARPES M90 replacement clocks

    HEOL DESIGN offers now the time servers T116-V24 and T102-V24, in 1U rack (...)

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    26/04/2016 - Oyster thieves arrested thanks to GPS antitheft tracker

    This past March, triggering a sealed IP68-N105 tracer on an oyster farm in (...)

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    26/04/2016 - new GNSS chipset for N101 receiver

    We have updated performance of the popular N101 receiver, by using the (...)

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    04/12/2015 - Ruggedized Time server

    We have just released a new NTP / PTP / IRIG time server for harsh (...)

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GPS ’Sea Tracker’ for lobster traps, oyster farms, and outboard motors

The ’Sea Tracker’ (N105-IP68) is an anti-theft GPS beacon, IP68 waterproof and shock resistant (molded in anti-corrosive resin, no connector, no button, charge through induction).
A specific version, hidden in an oyster, is also available for oyster farms.

Since 2011, it is used in lobster traps, oyster bags, outboard motors, and other marine / sub-marine applications to prevent from thefts.
In case of a movement, the Sea Tracker sends its GPS position by SMS, E-mail or to a data server, and you can follow it using Google Earth or FTS software (developped by Heol Design).
It integrates an accelerometer and a real time clock (to wake up system periodically or in case of a theft).
Water/air temperature is also indicated to the user.
The Lithium battery (low self-discharge technology) allows several months or years of autonomy in standby mode.

It covers 2G GSM band, as well as 4G bands LTE-M and NB-IoT for the latest release, ensuring very low power consumption and very far covering range.

This tracker is under patent.

antivol casiers de peche et ruches

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antivol GPS parc à huitres