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T102 NTP slave Time station, with PoE

The T102 module is a SNTP/NTP client/server, able to synchronize automated systems and industrial networks.
It synchronizes its clients through Ethernet (IEC61850 compliant) or external GPS receiver (NMEA input).
The T102 can track external events with a very high accuracy - few µs (via specific input, isolated and protected).
The T102 can generate programmable precise TOP signals, isolated at 2500V.
As the T102 doesn’t include GPS antenna, you can integrate it at anyplace in your factory (it only needs to be connected to its server through Ethernet - can be T101 for example).
Thanks to its Power on Ethernet feature, you can install it easily with only one cable for Data and Power.
It is available in Rack or DIN rail mount.

Serveur NTP compact embarqué