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T202 PTP slave time station, with PoE

The T202 module is a PTP slave station, able to synchronize automated systems and timestamp external events in an industrial environment.
As the T202 doesn’t integrate GPS antenna, you can install it anywhere in your system (it is just necessary to connect it to your LAN, so it can synchronize to an external PTP server – T200 GPS PTP master clock for example).
Using the Precision Time Protocol (IEEE1588), the T102 can be synchronized with 1µs accuracy to PTP master clock.
An isolated event input allows you to time-stamp events from external systems, with very high accuracy (±100 nanoseconds from local clock).
A highly accurate pps (TOP) signal is available on SUB-D9 or I/O connector (polarity, period, length, and delay compensation are configurable by user). It is also available with optional 1500V isolated static relay.
IRIG-B003 and A003 output are available in option on the I/O connector.
A RS232 or RS422 serial port can be accessed for remote control and monitoring (with NMEA protocol output).
In option, a Lithium battery powered internal RTC can provide timing information if no PTP master clock is available at power-up.
The Power On Ethernet enables installation of the T202 without the need for additional cables to
provide power. It also offers redundancy of the DC input in case of failure of one of them.

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